It’s #FBF again here on The Rebel Mama, so I felt it was only appropriate to dive back into the archives and pull something out that I wrote almost exactly 2-years ago, when I was just as pregnant with my son as I am now with his little bro. Unfortunately, over the past 24 months, it seems that pretty much nothing has changed insofar as people’s preggo ettiquette goes, so here we are once again, revisiting the basic rules of human interaction…

(Originally posted 01/24/14)

I think we can all agree that EVERYBODY is bloody pregnant right now. And no, this is not a frequency illusion (Hey I just bought a Honda and now all I see on the road are Hondas); even non-pregnant people are overwhelmed by how many of their friends/colleagues/favourite celebrities are currently with child (I blame the supermoon of early summer 2013… but that’s a whole other blog post).

Anyway, with so many preggos running/waddling around, I feel that it is important to give you all a few tips on how to conduct yourselves around them – since it seems that there is something about a baby belly that makes people lose their fucking minds and forget the basic rules of human interaction. My guess/hope is that you are totally unaware that you’re colouring way outside the lines of normal social boundaries, so I’m going to give you a few friendly tips on what NOT to do/say to a pregnant woman. Please pay attention; after all, the last person you want to piss off is the one with raging hormones who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in months….

*Most honest maternity photos of life via VICE MAGAZINE.

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