Sometimes, we get everything so in-line, organize everything so expertly, that we soar. Whether it’s through a week of appointments and events, or a stressful few days while the district manager is in town, those times when we lock it in and excel are simply the best, and worth congratulating ourselves for. I wish that was how life happened all the time, but it seems that we tend to remember, and begrudge, those other times when we make it to the weekend looking a little beaten up from the week, or trip over ourselves in speaking to a superior and regret even opening our mouths in the first place.

Me, telling my kids to get moving and no one is listening.

Why does this happen? In her latest blog post, Betty-Ann Heggie explores how we all, men and women, have certain patterns that we’ve followed from birth and that these may, in fact, inhibit us in those frustrating flying-in-circles situations. When we’re not progressing, it makes sense to take a new approach…

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