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OH MY GOODNESS. I am so excited to be sitting here typing this. Over the last 3+ years of blogging with Wild Rosebuds, I have gone from a basic blogger site, to a basic WordPress site, and then kept building on from there. My site has had many hours, blood, sweat and tears put into it through out the years as I literally did everything myself. Armed with strong coffee, I would sit for hours YouTubing how-to videos on my iPad, while carrying out the steps on my iMac. It was hard work and each step has made me grow more as a blogger. But, with a growing following and now working with some pretty fun companies, I felt like it was time to up my game for the blog. So, for the next week or two, depending on how long this will take, I will be shutting down Wildrosebuds.com to do a complete and utter overhaul.

What will you see in the New and Improved Wild Rosebuds?

  • New pages, Including a Shop page where you can find links to purchase any outfit you’ve seen on my Instagram….

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