We try to use up everything we buy for photoshoots in one way or another, so when we sliced up some dragonfruit for our hot pink Dragonfruit Margaritas, we figured why not turn the remainder of the fruit into something else the next morning? I’m all about smoothie bowls right now, so the answer was pretty clear.

While visiting LA Jo and I really fell in love with Moon Juice, a local company that makes smoothies, juices, magical tonics, tasty all-natural snacks, and more. We took home pretty much anything we were legally allowed to fly with, which means our cabinet is now stocked with improving dusts and tinctures that we aren’t actually all that sure how to use. Nutrient dense and specifically formulated to benefit different parts of your being, these concoctions are really fun to play around with, and proved to be a welcome addition to this pink breakfast creation.

Complete with mango, banana, berries, an acai superfruit pack, Moon Juice’s Mulberry Overnight Oats, and dragonfruit (of course), we promise this nutrient-dense morning smoothie bowl will make your day more magical!

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