“Play dates are fun!” Says NO ONE who has ever had to deal with 7, 6, 4, and 2 year olds acting like it’s 4am at a rave. The only things missing are the glow sticks.  And, I mean, sometimes there are actual glow sticks.

The intentions are good. Your girl has brought her brood, a couple Americanos, maybe some sweets. You’re ready for an hour or two of catch up and are excited for adult conversation.

Before you can take a sip of from your grande and begin a conversation about current events, you are slapped back into reality. There will be no adult conversation. There won’t be any relaxation. In fact, you won’t even be speaking to each other. Instead, during this two-hour torture session, you will just be yelling. In parallel form. In tandem. At varying octaves:

  1. Stop running!
  2. Don’t jump off the bed!
  3. Watch out for the corners!
  4. Stop yelling! Stop screaming! Why are you so loud!?!…

This is an excerpt from the article When Play Dates Ruin Your Life which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.