This is only the second year we’ve ever tried to grow strawberries, but we’re already about 1000% more successful than last time we planted some, which was about four years ago. I don’t think we even got a single strawberry out of our little strawberry patch that first year and it was all because of those darn birds stealing them as soon as they started to turn red!

Actually, I really love that we have so many birds around our property. I love to see them hopping around in the grass, and I love hearing them singing early in the morning. And I really love finding little nests of baby birds all over the place in the spring! Actually, the only thing I don’t like about them is when they steal my strawberries.

We decided to try growing a mini “test” strawberry patch this year, just to see if we could get this thing figured out and I love what we came up with! A few weekends ago, I started insisting that we needed to find some kind of solution for putting a mesh screening over our strawberries ASAP. They were about to start ripening at any moment and I didn’t want to be too late to the game and lose all of our precious strawberries!

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This is an excerpt from the article How to protect your strawberry plants from birds and other pests! which originally appeared on The Creek Line House.