Anyone who’s ever tried to lean up, lose weight or improve their level of fitness knows that diet is a huge part of a healthy fitness or weightloss program. Protein is the key to building muscle to tone up, burn fat, and reduce your calorie intake so you can ultimately lose weight. Protein bars and powders are great ways to increase your protein intake, but if your food tasting like, well, food is important to you, these options may leave your tastebuds wanting. Not to fear however, because we’ve good some great recipes from some serious foodies that can help you incorporate protein into your diet in some seriously delicious ways (yes that EVEN means DESSERT!).

fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ Buttermilk Pancakes

*Created by Chef Chris Kalisperas of Mamakas Taverna



200 grams all-purpose flour

200 grams of Genuine Health’s fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ vanilla

8 egg yolks

5 egg white

2.5 cups of buttermilk

1 pinch of baking soda Topping:

3 Brûléed or fresh bananas

1 cup pecans

Brown sugar

Canadian Maple Syrup

Icing Sugar

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together (except for egg whites) and mix for 4 minutes. Slowly whisk the egg white into…

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