If in your house, the term “dinner” has become synonymous with “the toddler’s leftover pasta”, then you, my friend, deserve to treat yourself to a delicious, indulgent meal that is strictly for your own culinary pleasure – enter the #rebelchef. This week, she’s serving up the recipe for one of her go-to delectable comfort foods: Steamed Clams with Homemade Frites. (But for real, she eats this like 2-3 times a week!)

If you know Shontelle personally, you know that she refuses to conform to “the norm”. She believes that we should be treating ourselves to amazing/indulgent meals on the regular, so leave that mom-guilt on the backburner please… Better yet, throw it in the trash, because this one in particular is actually jam packed with vitamins and proteins (don’t worry, she breaks them down for us at the end of this post)!

So put the kids to bed, print this recipe out, pour yourself an extremely generous glass of wine, hand the recipe to your husband and tell him to holla at you when it’s on the table. (haha just kidding, that would end in a kitchen fire in my house – but, I mean, if you can get away with it, GO FOR IT!)…

This is an excerpt from the article REBEL CHEF: CLAMS. FRITES. VINO. (and zero obligation to share with your kids) which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.