Wondering if this whole having children thing is for you? Already decided to pursue the mom gig but wish you could get a peak into that world before you get knocked up? Too late, you’re pregnant and now you need some real talk? WE GOTCHU.

Here are some recent, unedited excerpts straight from our Rebel Mama group where we come together to form a tribe and essentially help one another raise the kids. Yes, it still takes a village, and ours is pretty bad ass.

It doesn’t get any more transparent than the *hilarious* quotes below, but don’t let us scare you and take it with a grain of salt because 1. Every kid is different and yours might be an anomaly (whatever helps you sleep through the night girl) and 2. It’s far more rewarding to vent and bitch than lay out lovely sentiments on how much joy your children bring you on the daily. *Although we’re suckers and do that too, more frequently than I’d like to admit…



This is an excerpt from the article REBEL MAMA REAL TALK: A LOOK INSIDE which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.