One thing you should probably know about me is how absolutely terrible I am with technology. Seriously, it is half a miracle that I managed to create and run this lovely little website of ours – so if you’re wondering how one can accidentally delete a blog post, you’re clearly asking the wrong person, because I have no friggin’ idea!

Anyway, a post I wrote with my dear, talented, photographer-pal, Ariane Laezza, about how to execute badass maternity photos has gone rogue – so here is it, once again: everything you need to know to achieve totally gorgeous (and totally non-cheesy) captures. 


“Maternity” and “Shoot” have always been 2 words that, when combined, make me cringe a little… ok fine. They make me cringe a lot.

Once you’re of a certain age (say late 20s to late 30s on average), your social media feeds tend to become overrun with these commemorative photographs – most of which look totally staged, are highly yawn-worthy, or are so poorly executed that just looking at them make you feel uncomfortable enough to close your browser and go pour yourself a “let’s just forget we saw that” cocktail.

My personal aversion to said photoshoots led me to decide against doing one during my first pregnancy; however, about a year into my son’s life, I started to regret not properly documenting the amazing transformation my body had undergone to bring him into the world…_MG_5001

This is an excerpt from the article THE REBEL MAMA’S GUIDE TO MATERNITY PORTRAITS which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.