Pre-baby preparation: It’s a total pain in the ass.  

I mean, with my first, it was sort of exhilarating I guess – Setting up the bassinet, laundering and organizing tiny clothing, buying our first box of diapers, sorting through shower gifts… everything was so new and foreign and everyone was so excited!

Second time around? It just kinda feels like more shit to do. (Maybe that’s why I’ve left packing my hospital bag until 5 days before my scheduled C-section… oopsies!).

Now, do I feel a little guilty that I’m not rearing to go like I was with baby no.1? OF COURSE I DO. I’m a mom. I feel guilty for pretty much everything. But it’s the cold hard truth and I’m just throwing it out there. I’m sure I’ll be plenty excited when Rebel Baby 2.0 is pulled from my abdomen and raised above the blue surgical curtain like Simba, so everybody RELAX.

But I digress; back to the task at hand. What’s going into The Rebel Mama hospital tote? Well, a lot less shit than what made the cut last time! I’m bringing nothing but the essentials (well, the essentials plus a few things to make my recovery room feel a little bit like home because I’m actually rather high maintenance… not so high maintenance that I’m filling the room with white roses and Diptyque candles, though; I’m not like J.Lo high maintenance!)…

This is an excerpt from the article THE REBEL MAMA’S GUIDE TO PACKING YOUR HOSPITAL BAG which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.