I was exploring the RM archives this morning when I stumbled across this gem from days past. Seeing that I am back at baby square one with my now 4-week-old, I decided that this puppy deserves a repost because (a) I need to remind myself of some of my own advice and (b) I know a new slew of expectant mamas who would benefit from a bullshit-free lesson on how to survive the early days. Enjoy!

This post was originally going to be an email to a few of my girlfriends who are in the last few weeks of incubating their offspring; they are anxious, they’re preparing their homes for their new arrivals and I am sure they are getting lots of bullshit advice like “when the baby comes, just make sure you nap when they nap!”  Basically, they are me 14 months ago, and because of that, I wanted to give them a few extremely practical tips for surviving early motherhood – rebel mama style. So in no particular order, here it goes:

  • Go out and get yourself some loungewear that won’t make you look like you spent the night in a frat house and borrowed a random dude’s sweats to traipse around in the next morning.  I’m talking loose cotton/modal blend pants and draped t-shirts.  I suggest purchasing this either in black or ecru (the latter disguises spit up beautifully).  You’re going to have a lot of visitors and you will likely be more excited about “entertaining” if you don’t feel like draping yourself in a cloak of invisibility due to frumpy pyjamas.
  • Stock up on dried fruit.  Having a baby puts your body through a lot and it takes a little time to get things working again.  Help your body out by giving it TONS of fiber. You will thank me for this later.
  • Your baby will want to be held a lot which is great because babies are super cute and you’ll want to hold him/her just as much! However, this will only allow for one-handed food consumption.  Smoothies are an awesome way to get lots of nutrients in a small window of time and BONUS, they require only one hand AND you can drink them while standing and bouncing (you’ll do this a lot… but just think of it as light cardio exercise mixed with squat reps. You’ll have your body back in no time).

(FYI: Best superfood smoothie recipies ever can be found at http://nutrishaun.tumblr.com/)(FYI: Best superfood smoothie recipies ever can be found at http://nutrishaun.tumblr.com/)

This is an excerpt from the article THE REBEL MAMA’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING EARLY MOTHERHOOD which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.