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As we move into the bright September days, families are adjusting again to school schedules, with hectic mornings and packed lunches and after-school activities. Most people greet these days with a mixture of dread and relief. It can be nice to get back into a routine, but at the same time, one can long for more depth, a time for contemplation on the meaning behind the hecticness. How can we find space to slow down and take time to center ourselves? Oh sure there’s the weekend, but too often, even by Sunday afternoon we’ve already lost that peaceful feeling of Sunday morning worship.

Jenn Giles Kemper can relate. She remembers learning about the liturgical calendar and being drawn to it as a way of integrating scripture and the life of Christ into a daily focus throughout her days. She researched various sources, drew them together, and created a planner designed to help fellow believers “live a fully integrated and embodied faith.” Her planner draws on traditions of the church with a strong foundation in scripture. It currently comes in 2 forms, one for the liturgical year and one for the academic year, starting in August.

Sacred Ordinary Days focuses on “integrating life and work with faith,” to quote their website. This daily planner follows the liturgical calendar and presents it with a modern aesthetic. It has a clean feel and substantial heft, which is a combination that works. In other words, while it’s not a light book to tuck in your purse, it is beautifully done, printed on high quality paper, and with a simple, pleasing design that aids you in focusing rather than distracting.


This is an excerpt from the article Sacred Ordinary Days which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.