7 inch heels – 7 months preggo

This past weekend was my 5th anniversary. Five years of navigating the new waters of marriage at the very same time as learning to be a mom. So if you’re any good at math you’ve already concluded that we got married 60’s style – knocked up and living in sin! I even had the nerve to wear white to my wedding.

We aren’t the most romantic people in the world when it comes to conventional romance. But we find romance in unique ways – making each other laugh, remembering little details that, while small bring a big smile to each others faces. And we fight. Good GOD do we have some down and out pissers. It wouldn’t be a weekend without at least one good throw down. And when it’s over we’re back to just chilling, figuring out parenthood together, worrying about the bills and trying to raise a wonderful, caring and thoughtful little girl. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

So after 2 years in a row of mutually forgetting our own anniversary we decided to give ourselves a break. No gifts, no fancies dinners – just a well thought out card with a poem that we have to create for each other. The best laugh wins.

When I get asked what my husband got me for my anniversary, I know the expected response is something to wear, somewhere to go or something sparkly but the truth is the gift I get is better than all that – it’s the feeling that he loves me today and every day of the year. AND he cleaned the bathrooms. That totally rocked.

This is an excerpt from the article My husband didn’t get me an anniversary gift. Am I mad? which originally appeared on Drinks at Six.