As summer draws to an end and September gets into full swing I can’t help but feel a bit sad that I missed out on one of my favourite seasonal treats… Strawberry Shortcake!

Growing up in Vancouver there was a cake place that made the most massive cakes you’ve ever seen – I’m talking twice the height of a regular cake, maybe more! Each year when the weather got warm they’d roll out their seasonal strawberry shortcake, and I’d gobble up as many huge slices as my stomach would allow until the cake was removed from the menu to make way for Fall.

Since moving away I’ve had a hard time finding a suitable contender for those gigantic slices, and my options dropped drastically when I started trying to cut out animal products as much as possible. With strawberry season running out here in Ontario I decided to get creative, and the results were Zevia Strawberry Shortcake Sodas!

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