Sugared lime mini cupcakes! The perfect little treat for a summertime BBQ or potluck!

I have a really cute summertime dessert to share with you today! Kennedy and I found some cute little sugared lime gummy candies at our local bulk foods store a few weeks ago and we knew we had to make some kind of limey cupcakey type thing to use them on. She had a PD day the other day, which is a day where the schools are closed, but the teachers still have meetings and training sessions, so she was home for the day and it was the perfect opportunity for some baking. I had actually forgotten that she would be home that day until I called her down to get ready for school that morning and she reminded me. Oops! It’s a good thing I work from home! We had to come up with something using what we had on hand in the baking pantry at home since it was kind of a last-minute thing, but I’m  so happy with how these turned out! I don’t always share all of our little baking experiments here with you, but I couldn’t resist sharing these!

Here’s what you need!…


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