The Co’s travel and tech expert Casie Stewart shares the ultimate globe trotter’s guide to staying connected while abroad.

Writing this as I sit in an airport heading to my next destination. In the past month I’ve stayed in a solar powered treehouse, spent few days in Detroit, did a quick turn around to our nations capital, and spent a week in Cabo, Mexico. As a travel blogger and speaker I spend a fair bit of time each year on planes and (being delayed) in airports. There’s a few tech accessories I never leave the house without, as a girl on the go, not being connected or charged up is a nightmare.

Here’s a list of my tech travel must haves whether you’re heading on a worldly adventure or a weekend getaway.

Tech Travel Must Haves from Casie Stewart

  1. PureGear braided Apple
  2. Belkin BOOST↑UP™adapter
  3. This is Ground Cord Taco, Fitzy Cord Keeper
  4. Happy Plugs, Telus
  5. RudsakClutch

My rose gold iPhone is an accessory I’m never without, I mean never, it’s practically attached to my hand. Since receiving it last year,  I’ve wanted to match my accessories to it, I even matched my hair for a little while. This Apple certified braided cable a beaut, it’s got USB 2.0 for fast charging and it holds it’s shape when you bend it. (Rose gold charging cable, Telus)

Sometimes you find yourself with 20 minutes between flights, the next bus, or your shuttle and your phone is nearly dead. This Belkin BOOST↑UP™ mobile charger is the fastest on the market. The standard Apple adapter is 5W and this one has 12W ensuring you can charge up in record time. If you’re really in a jam, put your phone on airplane mode and you’ll be juiced up in no time.

On that note, I recently learned better power cord management with leather accessories. There’s nothing worse than all kinds of wires spilling out of your purse when you’re trying to act professional. These little guys make sure it looks like you’ve got it together.




Headphones are essential for travel, it’s the only real way to zone out or make sure no random travellers spark up a conversation. You know what I’m talking about. I love people watching and airports are the perfect sport to do it. These rose gold Happy Plugs are stylish and will help you keep your sanity when there’s a noisy child or loud talker sitting behind you.

I always keep my MacBook Pro in my carry-on bag and this Rudsak clutch fits it perfectly. I’m always keeping an eye out for nice envelope style bags that’ll fit my computer. You want to make sure your computer is protected but also wearing draped in something stylish. This one is leather and great for all year but you can also find fabric ones perfect for summer travel.




Other things I never leave home without? Burt’s Bees original, a Sharpie, and a great pair of sunnies. Happy to share any other fav gadgets or travel apps. If you’ve got a question or something to share, leave a comment or tweet me @casiestewart.

Wishing you safe & happy travels!