You think you’re fat. You tell your friends you’re fat. You tell the mirror you’re fat. Instagram and Facebook have only seen your face. You aren’t happy.

At some point we have all either been that person, or the friend of that person.  I have been both.

But do you know who doesn’t need to hear about your struggle? Your children. Your son. And especially your daughter.  They most certainly do not need to know that you are consumed with whatever it is – face, breast, stomach, ass – that doesn’t make you feel 1000%.

You may not be explicitly telling them, “Mama needs to lose 10lbs” or “Mommy’s ass is too big”, or “Mom is on a diet, she can’t eat popcorn”, but you can bet they see, hear, feel your daily struggle, and now are looking at themselves.

They listen to you.

They see you suck in your gut in front of the mirror.

They see you struggle to get dressed when going out.

They hear you on the phone complaining to your friends.

They feel bad you don’t eat the same thing as the rest of the family at dinner.

They know you are unhappy.

This needs to stop.

This is an excerpt from the article The Body Image Battle: No Kids Allowed which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.