Things I Bought That I Love highlights the (hopefully) rare, carefully considered new purchases that spark joy in this aspiring minimalist.

I know, I know: two Things I Bought posts in one week? What, is “aspiring minimalist” some sort of joke? The truth is, April has alternately been dragging my spirits down or pulling me in all directions, which explains why the blog has been a little light on content lately. There have been good parts (our patio makeover, finalizing the wedding invitations, stepping up my Bar Method attendance and #sweatingforthewedding) and not-so-good things (the neck spasm, the lingering cough from a severe cold, being really busy at work). Amidst the chaos, reaching for my Paris Street Style Colouring Book ($21 at Indigo) has soothed my soul on more than one occasion.

Adult colouring books have become a huge trend the past few months. Colouring is supposed to promote a sense of calm and mindfulness, and even if that weren’t the case, the artful illustrations and sense of nostalgia it evokes (remember elementary school and Crayolas?) are enough to make any…

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