Portland is a legit magical place.

Yes, Portland is full of hipsters, and yes, it rains a lot – but Portland’s reputation for good food and bizarre tourist traps is well earned. And let’s be real, what would Portland be without its hipster population, anyway?

Despite the fact that I live only a few hours away from Portland, I’d never been before this past summer. Seattle was always my city of choice, mostly because of its short distance from the Canadian border and sweet sweet outlet malls.

After visiting, Portland is now on my “go back to ASAP” shortlist. Because Portland wasn’t the end goal of my trip, I was only there for a day and a half – obviously there was so much more that I could have done. Looking back, I wish I could have budgeted two full days to explore the city….

This is an excerpt from the article 36 Hours in Portland, Oregon which originally appeared on www.thewonderforest.com.