So we thought, wouldn’t it be fun to hear the other side of the story?

I recently asked my girlfriend’s 21 year old daughter, Margo, to take few minutes out of her trés-cool life to contribute to our #RebelMama forum. Lucky for us, not only is the girl an English Major at U of T, she also interns at Narcity, where her hilarious accounts of all things Toronto earn her some serious cred. Plus she also runs her own blog (SomeWhatThrilled), OBVS.

So what’s it like to be the grown spawn of OG Rebel Mama, Anousch (and likely a somewhat like your very own young adult of a daughter)? And what are some of the things she thinks YOU could be schooled on, Ma?…

This is an excerpt from the article YOURS TRULY, REBEL DAUGHTER which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.