I haven’t been super public about it (because PRESSURE), but for the entire month of July I’m doing my best to eat only plant-based foods (hopefully the beginning of a long-lasting lifestyle change!) That’s right- so far this month I haven’t eaten any cheese, any ice cream, any eggs, or any milk chocolate bars. It’s been a struggle, but honestly nowhere near as difficult as I had expected, and it’s genuinely shocking how much healthier and happier I feel on a daily basis.

Still, there has been something missing. Fudgesicles!

When summer rolls around all I want is milky creamy cold things. I’m big on chocolate shakes, mint chocolate ice cream, and there’s a special spot in my tastebuds reserved specifically for biting into fudgesicles. There’s something so nostalgic and summery about chocolate goodness melting all over your face and hands, and I just couldn’t pass up one of my favourite seasonal treats altogether, so I came up with a compromise. Turns out vegan fudgesicles are actually super simple to make with the help of some coconut milk and cocoa powder!

We adapted an amazing recipe from The Creekside Cook and added a bit of lavender water, because lavender milk chocolate might just be the best combinations in the whole wide world! We even hand painted our popsicle sticks to make them extra pretty. The final result? A sweet, creamy, floral treat that’s both nostalgic, easy to make and totally animal product free.





This is an excerpt from the article Vegan Lavender Milk Chocolate Fudgesicles which originally appeared on http://randomactsofpastel.com/.