So you’ve got 5 days in Iceland? This full travel guide will teach you how to make the most of your Icelandic adventure for your next trip to this beautiful country.

Lately I’ve been writing my travel posts with the hope that they would not only be entertaining, but also informative for those of you planning trips to these places. Sure, I want you to enjoy the pictures and writing, but also want to be helpful for those of you out there who also have the travel bug.

But then trips like this happen, that turn out to be more powerful than a simple travel guide. The pictures and “What to packs” don’t encompass how life-changing it truly was.

I wouldn’t be doing Iceland justice by writing out a list of places to visit. It is a country that requires more.

So while I intend to give you everything you need for your 5 Days in Iceland Travel Guide, I also need a few minutes to just talk and share with you what this trip really meant to me. Feel free to watch the video or scroll down to the travel guide below if you’re not into my babbling!



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