Life as a mother goes fast. We’re constantly rushing from one task to the next and suddenly the days have turned into years and our babies are in middle school.

We moms truly do battle to get 5 minutes for ourselves. Even when we do have time “for ourselves”, it often is still somehow related to work or our kids. It really can be a struggle to make enough time for ourselves each day.

One of the times when I like to take a few moments each morning to relax is while I drink my cup of coffee. I wait to enjoy my coffee until I get back home after dropping the kids off at school

Paradise for Moms

As I scoop the coffee grinds into the machine, I pause and take in a deep breath of the aroma.

When the coffee has brewed, I add some milk, stevia and a little cocoa.

And then I sit back and savour a few moments of calm before I start my work.

I imagine many moms are like me and use the short break of a cup of coffee as a mini escape from the stresses and demands all around us.

But our special day is right around the corner… it’s better than a birthday… it’s Mother’s Day!!!

And it’s our turn to slow down and savour many more moments than usual.

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How will you savour the moment on Mothers Day

We want to hear from you… how do you usually spend your time on Mother’s Day? What are your plans for this Mother’s Day? What will you do to slow down and enjoy time for yourself on May 8th?

Leave us a comment and enter to win at the bottom of this post….

This is an excerpt from the article How Will You Savour The Moment on Mother’s Day? which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.