It might have been the prospect of his well-worn hunter green futon. Or his walk-up studio apartment. Maybe it was his pre-owned navy blue Jeep Cherokee?

And then there was that killer space between his two front teeth. And the way he held that guitar?  And he could play all night long.  His voice was heaven.  Lately it’s Riptide that guts me. 


It never seemed to matter that I was old enough to be his mother. Or that I was already in university, partying like a rockstar when he was still in diapers.

I never set out to fall for a younger man, it just happened organically.  Time and time again.

Something about a guy from the under 30 set just makes me blush. My stomach flips for them.

A kid who has no kids. No real responsibilities. Someone who still gets carded at a bar.  

Sigh… Again.

I turned 41 last week.  I still have the intolerable excess baby weight to lose. I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not.


And friends laugh. How do you do it? Why do these young boys swoon for your over forty self?

No promises, but here are somethings that might explain it. Stuff I seem to do that seems to work:

1) be yourself. No one wants a phoney.

2) feel free to be silly.  Giggle. Wear funny hats. Whatever. 

3) wear what makes you feel sexy. You are not a showgirl or a teenager.  Do not dress like one!!  End of story. Full stop.

4) engage in things you love.  Wine tastings. Cooking classes. Tennis. Ultimate frisbee. Get involved with activities you enjoy and you’ll be happy. You’ll also meet men with similar interests.

5) laugh. Laugh with him.  Laugh at yourself. At him.  You’ll be fun and he’ll adore you.

6) try not to complain incessantly.  Life is pretty good. Enjoy the moments.

7) get out of your own way. Don’t get caught up in the details. Try new restaurants. Go listen to bands play. You’ll have fun, and you never know who’ll you’ll meet.  

8) keep yourself in shape. Eat healthy. Cook healthy. Visit farmers markets. Hit the gym!

9) swoon over him. Now don’t go all crazy girl stalker on the poor kid, but show him some heart.  Compliment his music. Smile at his jokes.  Bake him cookies.  He’ll love that. 

10) find the fun in each day.  So much suckiness in the world.  Be sure to revel in the happy!!

Good luck. I promise it will certainly be worth it!