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We sit silently and speak about it to no one. It’s too personal but it’s there and affects us at different stages in our lives but we don’t speak about it. We suffer silently wishing we could talk about it without feeling uncomfortable. Well, you are not alone. I’m going to start the conversation right here, on my blog. Want to know what I’m talking about?

It’s LBL or light bladder leakage. It’s been a part of my life since the birth of my first baby. It’s not bad nor something I deal with daily but it affects me. After each baby, it got a little worse and although I did Kegels religiously, nothing I did would tighten this baby back up for months after I had my kids. Hey, I joke about it because it helps start conversations and break the ice. I noticed it most after giving birth, the inability to stop urine, and it would bother me. I tried using regular pads because I had them here and I had no idea what else to do but I found they didn’t quite make the cut.

I decided it was time to ask some questions and get some real answers. I found from reading online and from asking my pharmacist, that what I was experiencing was completely normal. I also knew that eventually; it would get better but I also knew that I would have a little leakage especially if I wait too long before I go to the bathroom. Those days of holding it until I get home is no longer possible, but now I know I have options.


TENA Intimates is one of those options. I have tried a few of the brands on the market and honestly, this is the first one that really worked for me. I don’t wear them daily but if I know I am going to be out somewhere for any length of time and may not have the option of getting to a washroom right away especially now with summer coming and spending time on outings with the kids. I can easily hide the small packages in my diaper bag and not have to worry anymore. You can look at all the TENA products available here so you can make an informed choice for the level of protection you need. Feel confident with fearless protection from TENA.

It’s time to start the conversation and be silent no more.

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