2016 Honda Civic - Lead Photo

The all-new 2016 Honda Civic is a big launch for the automaker, it accounts for 40% of total Honda sales.

Moreover, not only is the Civic built in-country, but it’s been Canada’s best-selling car for 17 consecutive years.

2016 Honda Civic - Built in Canada

So it must have been tough finding the balance between “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” and redesigning the 10th generation vehicle in a way that would excite and delight buyers.

2016 Honda Civic - Aggressive Styling

The new model still looks like a Civic, but a much more aggressive version.  The angles are sharper giving it a needed assertive styling, and look how the tail lights sweep up into the spoiler. Slick, eh?

2016 Honda Civic - Tail Lights

The new Civic is offered with two engines. There’s a 2.0L outputting 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque, and a 1.5L Turbo which puts down 174 hp and 162 lb-ft.

The 2.0L is found on the lower trims DX, LX, EX, and the Turbo is only in the top two – EX-T, and Touring. Rear-view camera and keyless entry are standard on all trims.

2016 Honda Civic - Test Location

I tested both through the winding roads of Collingwood, Ontario.  For sure option up to the turbo if you can, but the 2.0L still provides good launch and passing power. The one thing that was the same was how amazingly quiet the cabin is.

2016 Honda Civic - Engine

The word “fun” is always on Honda’s press presentation slides. That the car be fun to drive is in their DNA.

It’s agile, responsive at high speeds, and why the Civic is also available in manual.

2016 Honda Civic - Interior

Gone is the two-tier dash, replaced by a singular instrument cluster. The materials are all soft touch and premium. Inside, it’s Honda’s classic ergonomics, with the centre console being the most clever part.


2016 Honda Civic - Media Centre

Power outlets and USB ports are located below, then the wires snake up to plug into the devices which are to be housed just in-front of the gear shift.

Or, opt up to the top trim and enjoy wireless charging.

2016 Honda Civic - Wireless Charging

Further back will hold two giant coffee cups, and the compartment below the sliding tray will fit an iPad.

2016 Honda Civic - Keri and Tim

The infotainment system runs on a 7” touch screen and is one of the first to be compatible with both Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto.

2016 Honda Civic - Infotainment System

Also new is Honda Sensing, which is ideal for sitting in traffic.

Using the Adaptive Cruise Control, the car will keep up in stop-and-go traffic, even bringing the car to a complete stop, a segment first.

2016 Honda Civic - Backseat

Starting at $15,750 and running up to $25,550, the Honda offers a whole lot of tech, packed in to a competitive price.

My verdict?

The all-new Civic will help Honda keep the title of ‘best-selling car in Canada’ for the 18th year.

2016 Honda Civic - Exterior