Once again, Bud Light Digital Dreams has brought Toronto an absolutely stacked lineup. This festival is easily one of the best electronic music festivals in the country, and they always make sure to bring a variety of talent to the city for an amazing Canada Day weekend party. This year, it’s going to be a struggle picking and choosing who to see when the lineup is so full of so many different DJs who all bring something different to the table.

We wanted to give you some artists you may or may not have been considering to help you diversify your schedule and make the most out of the many genres the festival has to offer.

  1. Danny Tenaglia

A guy who relentlessly hits the dancefloor with heartstopping bass and a dirty mix of progressive house and techno, you can’t help but dance wildly to his sound. Having seen Danny a few times, I can tell you that he keeps each set different from the last with carefully crafted tracks that take you on a complete journey through the ups and downs of the beat. True fans will flock to see him on the decks, creating a contagious energy you just can’t miss.

  1. Seven Lions

Careful not to overlook Seven Lions, as he’s an absolute artisan of his craft. Playing a stunning mix of progressive, trance, and dubstep, his shows will lift you up at one moment with melodic vocals before absolutely smashing you with dubstep. His sound is hard to nail down, which makes him a treat for the ears. He hits on every emotion in his set, and if you want to jump around one second and get goosebumps the next, make sure you’re there for his set..

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