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So you’ve decluttered your home and KonMari’d your way into a more minimalist lifestyle. Congratulations! You probably feel much lighter as you survey your suddenly spacious digs and revel in how fresh and clean everything feels. Soon enough though, that sense of elation begins to fade. You might find yourself eyeing shiny new things in your favourite stores or the sale newsletters filling up your email inbox. And hey, that’s normal. I should know because I’ve experienced that temptation myself after our KonMari tidying marathon.

One year after the fact, I’m proud to say we haven’t rebounded to our previous state of clutter. (In fact, if anything we’ve gotten rid of even more possessions.) Part of this stems from the desire to maintain the new level of tidiness we’ve attained, but part of this is due to the three simple tricks I’ve adopted to shop much, much less. If you’re trying to do the same—whether it’s because you want to save more money or live a simpler lifestyle—I hope these tricks help you too!

1. I write down everything I buy that’s not a consumable.

What do I mean by a “consumable”? Anything that’s a trifle or an unnecessary purchase that’s not meant to be consumed or used up; in other words, it’s something I don’t strictly need going to stick around for a long time. Groceries, toilet paper, AA batteries, shampoo, or a green juice from Whole Foods don’t count. A lipstick, a fancy scented candle, furniture, or a T-shirt do count…

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