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  1. ‘Deconstructed’ School Lunches Too Clever and Yummy to Toss

Young woman making school lunch in the morning

Along with emptying the dishwasher, organizing the laundry, and getting the kids to sleep, Laurin Mayer dreaded the task of making her kids lunch. Until she embraced the challenge, got creative, and acquired enough PCB-free bottles and packaging options to open a store. This week, Laurin inspires us with her tips and tricks for preparing the holy grail of lunchroom meals: nourishing, litterless and too delicious to toss, trade or return.


  1. Buying a New Car and Loving it (Long After the New Car Smell Wears Off)


Did you know the average age of first-time new vehicle buyers in Canada is…38?! A car is a big ticket purchase, long in the making. Whether you’re dipping into your retirement fund to subsidize the Mercedes convertible of your dreams or squatting in your parents’ basement to afford the down payment on a Civic, this is one decision you can’t afford to get wrong.   Browse and buy from a position of authority with Keri’s 8-step guide to finding the car that’s perfect for you.


  1. A Kid-Friendly Video Quest For the Best of the Best

Glückliches Kind mit Geschenk zu Weihnachten hält den Daumen hoch

In the hopes of helping frazzled parents figure out what to buy for their kids this holiday season, Jon Scarr spent hundreds of hours playing a gamut of video games designed for children 12 and younger. For the vid kid who demands plot, character and playability and the parent who demands suitability, Jon’s top six picks have all bases covered.


  1. A Bark That Adds Bite


Before you buy a scented candle for the hostess or bake more shortbread for the annual cookie exchange, consider instead the gift of bark. Although it looks haute, it is quick and easy to make. It’s addictive: people can’t stop munching on it. And mysterious: the ingredients, which you can vary, will puzzle even the most experienced palette. Next time the holiday baking urge strikes, choose bark.


  1. Cindy Lou Who Versus The Grinch

Happy young blond woman surprised and amazed while opening a big red present box


Is it always better to give than receive?
Or are there exceptions, like on Christmas Eve?
Can it ever be right to put presents under a tree
When the money could assist Syrian refugees?
What thinks the Co-It-All? Read this and see.


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Katherine Gougeon is editorial director of The Co.

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