Growing up as a creative person and sketching my way through various art schools and programs, there was always this misconception that I heard along my journey: “You can’t make money as an artist!”

With traditional arts like painting, drawing, etc., a lot of younger artists are under the impression that you need to catch a big break to actually make some sort of career with your talents. Fortunately, in the age of digital technology, that’s no longer the case and I believe that any artist can make a name for themselves with a little hard work and know-how.  While displaying your original work in art galleries might not be an option for everyone, there are many alternate options that are totally doable for any modern day artist.

Print on Demand Sites

Print on demand services, or “POD” sites, are websites that allow you to upload your original artwork and have it printed/manufactured on various products. The great thing about these type of services is that you don’t have to even touch the product or worry about shipping it out to customers. The POD site does all of that for you while giving you a cut of the sale price. This option is one of my personal favourites and one that I use often with my own products because it adds to my own passive income portfolio. Sites you can look into include RedBubble, Zazzle, Society6, or Spoonflower….

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