The drop pendant is certainly replacing the tight-knit choker that nineties babies have been rejoicing. Back in the day, I had my fair share of plastic rainbow swirl accessories and temp tattoo bands, graduating onto the ever-so controversial “sex bracelets”; presently, I use my skinny scarf to complete an outfit by default and have been known to tie together pieces of black cloth to emulate a similar style. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Coincidentally, when all the school kids got their hands on the brightly-coloured stretchy loops (albeit, after Claire’s made its debut into my hometown’s barely-there “mall”), I had moved on to puka shell strands.

My current buying habits mirror this impression only with the help of a much larger community than my 17,000 small town: Instagram. Black knit chokers are every 5 pictures on the discover feed, I swear. And while I still enjoy wrapping the simple strap around my neck instead of gravitating towards a turtleneck, the drop pendant is my way of moving onwards and upwards: style wise and generationally. This giant silver circle is Nasty Gal’s greatest dupe of the Stella McCartney design for this season. Although the real deal would be much preferred, if it lasts as long (or little, rather) as a “treasure” find from a vending capsule, I’d say my $30 was well spent.

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