What – and who – grabbed our attention this week at The Co.? Here we go:

1. Luxury Pickups

2015 Ram Rebel 1500 - Haha All for MeAnyone who considers the phrase ‘luxury pickup truck’ a contradiction in terms hasn’t read Keri Potipcoe’s latest post on these pimped out rides and the people who love them. Long considered the working man’s workhorse, the new class of pickup is engineered for the well-heeled driver and leaves no upgrade to the imagination. When it comes to makes and models, affluent adopters are embracing the possibilities and going for broke. Beyond one-upmanship, this is one-truckmanship.

2. Wise Guys

Improv-interior-800x533This week, Tell Us Something We Don’t Know invites Second City’s Kerry Griffin to explain why you don’t have to be funny – or even try to be funny – to succeed at improv. While he’s at it, Kerry also reveals how this collaborative form of comedy can boost your career, save your marriage, and make your life epic. Seriously.

3. Social Houdinism

couple-kissing-beachWe’ve got to hand it to the Co-It-All. Only her second week on the job and she is already demonstrating that it is indeed possible to Houdini your way out of any social situation. No matter how awful. No matter how incriminating. Even if it involves your ex, his new girlfriend, a beach in Thailand, and your entire Instagram universe. C-I-A tells you how to own it.

4. Woolly Predicaments

Picture-4On a knitted island far, far away, the evil magikoopa Kamek turns the adorable, brightly patterned Yoshi inhabitants into bundles of yarn and scatters them across different worlds. Unfortunately for Kamek, he missed a few! Jon Scarr explains what happens next and why Yoshi’s Woolly World is the perfect choice for the family that games together. If you’re in holiday shopping mode, this yarn is worth the read.

5. The Katniss Everdeen of Shopping Black Friday is the day bargain hunters have been waiting for, but blogger Tracey calls it like she sees it: The Hunger Games of the Holiday Season. Heading out? Heed her sage advice. Pump up with caffeine, map your route, stay hydrated, and, above all, dress for comfort and speed. This is not a day for fashion. It’s a day for deals. May the odds be ever in your favour.

And that’s a wrap.  Happy Weekend from your friends at The Co.

Katherine Gougeon is editorial director of The Co.