On Wednesday, The Co. enjoyed its official launch, giving us even more to love than usual. SIX things that got us talking this week:

1. Cocktail Party Conversation

Money-Love-360x240Anecdotal and unexpected, The Co.’s Influencer video series, Tell Us Something We Don’t Know, delivers quick hits of culture and insight every week.  In our first segment, you’ll meet Millionaire Matchmaker Aviva Reimer and learn the surprising truth about what it’s like to date a millionaire – from the millionaire’s point of view! Perfect fodder for the cocktail party artist in you.

2.  An iron fist in a velvet glove


Got a problem that could use a measured, no-nonsense perspective?  Tell it to the Co-It-All. Our resident expert in all things everything is here for you and ready to tackle your conundrums, big and small. This week’s challenge: shutting down an ‘Uber’ mooch.

3Extreme Measures

Hallpass-Image-2-750x400In what can seem like The Golden Age of Immediate Gratification, The Co.’s Jacqueline Parker faces up to the possibility of marital infidelity and suggests some rules of engagement for coming out the other side.

4. Driving Passions

Audi-sportscar-experience-2015-R8-750x400Join The Co.’s automotive expert Keri Potipcoe on Cloud 9 as she gets behind the wheel of a 2017 pre-production German-Spec Audi R8 V10 with Canadian racing legends Scott Goodyear and Richard Spenard for a driving experience like no other.

5. Etail 2.0

dish-050613-rachel-zoe-momTen years ago, few believed on-line shopping would take off. Why would anyone buy clothes they couldn’t try on or even touch?  And what if the item didn’t fit or – worse – was ugly in real life?  Well, surprise! Savvy e-tailers have since figured out amazing and unexpected ways to turbo-charge the e-tail experience. How long before they get a hologram of Rachel Zoe to show up in your closet is anybody’s guess.

6. Quality Time with Your Kid

walking_dead_white_patriarchy-620x412-620x400Teenagers. To borrow a phrase from The Walking Dead, they could ‘turn’ at any moment. The more time they spend on tech, in their room, and out of the house, the more the quality of your interactions count. When it comes to engaging a 13 year old, here’s an inspired way to get a conversation started (although it probably wouldn’t work for Rick and Carl).

And that’s a wrap.  Happy Weekend from your friends at The Co.

Katherine Gougeon is editorial director of The Co.