Join The Co every Friday for a roundup of five items that got us talking during the week that was.  On our radar this week:

1. Homegrown and Intergalactic Style

Ashtiani (2)Where else but World Mastercard Fashion Week could you find Pink Tartan, Preloved, Hayley Elsaesser, Mackage and a Star Wars-inspired intergalactic design challenge under the same roof?  And if you’re looking for Canada’s next generation of talent, Co fashion correspondent Jen McNaughton has got you covered with  Millennials of the Moment.

2. Dark Places

Image07-TheEvilWithinTake a walk on the dark side as The Co’s Dave Neufeld guides you through 10 Halloween-inspired video games, each guaranteed to put you in a very bad place. Complete with thrilling plot summaries and haunting images.

3. Pretty Frightening Masks

pop-art-zombie-halloween-01-39fa12c6ac2fbb75fcccb780c3d63a66d1745dcbIn the spirit of the season, our bloggers have been experimenting with makeup in bold ways. Kelly’s Pop Art Zombie tutorial can transform you into a total dream ghoul. More interested in the kind of masks you don’t wear trick-or-treating? Our dead-simple recipes for DIY face treatments made with common kitchen ingredients will make your skin glow. In a good way.

4. Scary Service

One-French-WaiterEver been ignored by a Parisian shopkeeper? Or dissed by a French waiter? How to Charm a Frenchman is essential reading for anyone seeking to crack France’s perplexing social codes and embrace the paradoxes of French life.

5. Grand Touring 2.0

2017 Jaguar XE - LogoReading Keri Potipcoe’s assessment of the Jaguar 2017 Compact Sports Sedan – which delivers the best elements of the lineup at a (comparatively) affordable price point, we were reminded of the slogan Don Draper pitched to Jaguar executives in season five of Mad Men: at last, something beautiful you can truly own.

And that’s a wrap.  Happy Weekend from The Co.

Katherine Gougeon is editorial director of The Co.