You might remember me sharing the “before” shots of my bedroom reno with you recently.  A lot has changed since then, and I have grown to love this little room more than I even thought I would!  To refresh your memory, here is what the space looked like previously:

CIL Makeover Before

The walls were a bit of a problem, but thanks to the help of the Ask An Expert service on the CIL paint website, I was able to get some great advice about application and colour so that I could say “goodbye” to an era of ugliness and “hello” to a fresh, new look.

All I had to do was upload a photo of the room and soon received application and colour advice, which came in super handy during this makeover.

To keep the clean and breezy feel throughout the home, the CIL colour expert suggested I stick with the white tones.  The colour I went with was called Romance 10BB 83/020, a cool toned greyish white, and this is how it turned out:

After painting wallpaper and panelling


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