2016 Chevy Trax LT AWD

1.4 Litre, 4-cylinder engine
6-speed automatic transmission (manual available!)

138 hp
148 lb.-ft. of torque

Starting at $20,880 (2015 price)
This one $29,875

The Trax falls in the subcompact crossover segment, the hottest, and most competitive, segment right now. It’s got some stiff competition, but there’s…

3 Reasons the Trax holds its own

Reason #1 – it was one of the segment’s first-to-market, therefore its had a couple more years to iron out the manufacturing kinks.

LT is the 2/4 trim and the one I’d recommend buying. Anything higher, or more feature-rich, and the Trax’s good value starts to diminish.

In my tester, note the addition of the +$840 LT Plus Package, which adds a 6-way power driver seat and rear park assist, and the +$1,615 Sun and Sound Package, which adds a power sunroof and Bose speaker system.

I can’t be sure if the Bose addition is why this Trax is the loudest radio I’ve had in years, but regardless, I’d take that money and instead upgrade to All-Wheel Drive.

Top left > clockwise

 door pocket storage for days

centre console

don’t let the simple 7″ screen trick you – the Trax’s infotainment system can connect to the internet, turning the dash into a WiFi 4G LTE Hotspot, and standard on all trims. Chevy is the one of first-to-market with this feature, and that’s Reason #2

4 cupholders, plus 2 in the second row armrest

The Trax offers an abundance of storage, and that’s Reason #3.  11 cubbies, non-car nerds: that is a _lot_. And it keeps going outside the photo’s frame.


Why don’t more vehicles have drawers beneath the passenger seat?

It’s the best.

When overtaking a semi, the 1.4 L engine will get the job done, a little loudly and with the smallest pause before it kicks in, but it will. But the Trax excels in an urban centre as a downtown people mover. It was genuinely fun to drive it in downtown Toronto, I had this guy dancing through rush hour.

The seating position is high, but not enough to feel disconnected from the road, there’s more oomph in the lower revs, and the tiny turning circle means toss it here there, haha I beat you to the last parking spot.

In this LT trim the side mirrors are heated, air conditioning and cruise-control are standard, there’s more steering wheel buttons and it’s wrapped in leather, and remote keyless entry, and a ton of airbags inside.

The fabric is a spacey-pattern that feels functional and should wear well over time, and nice touch with the 110 V outlet for the rear passengers.

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