If you’ve been putting off buying a new car, now is a good time.

Every fall, the new model year vehicles  arrive in showrooms, meaning, it’s out with the 2015s and in with the ‘16s. So the dealerships are very motivated to get the ‘15s off their lots, because who’s going to want last year’s version when the new one is also available?

This sale is annual. At no other time of year are cars so discounted. And since this sale is across all automakers, it’s a great time to pit the dealerships against one another when negotiating down the final price.

If the car you’ve been eyeing is in it’s 5th year of production, it’s especially a good time to buy.

See, cars operate on a 5-year production cycle.  So if the model was all-new in 2010, the 2015 model will be discontinued and the 2016 version will be fully redesigned… new exterior styling, all-new interior, maybe a new engine and a host of new features.

Therefore, letting the salesman know you understand this can help drive down the price, because there’s no real rebuttal for, “the new KeriCar is fully redesigned, I’m one of the few who’ll even want this out-going model.”

Plus there’s merit in buying the 5th year of a car. After five years the factory has ironed out the kinks, whereupon manufacturing the all-new model may come with some surprises and hiccups.

Do note that choices will be limited, since the sale applies only to in-stock inventory.  There’s usually no shipping a car in from another dealership, nor requesting a certain colour or interior, it’s a kind of “as-is” sale.

Also important to note that when a car comes with a cash inventive, it usually applies only to manual transmission vehicle.

When negotiating the final price, you’re welcome to my line, “it’s just sitting there bleeding money.” Don’t bother trying to get the Freight price reduced, no dealership ever has or will; and remember it doesn’t have to be cash to have value… ask the dealer about throwing in an extended warranty, or tires, something.

Or if you’re nervous about the final negotiation and would prefer to not have to, use a service like UnHaggle to be an intermediary and negotiate on your behalf.

Remember above all, new car shopping is supposed to be fun! Don’t let it be stressful and worrisome (doing research usually counters that feeling btw.)

Happy shopping, and let me know what you buy!