Did you guys hear we’re headed into Mercury retrograde tomorrow? While I’m actually the biggest closet hippie you’ll likely find (I travel with crystals, if that’s any indication) and have to admit that I have been feeling kind of funny (happy but kind of scatterbrained, if that makes any sense), I just don’t know that I believe that for a nearly monthlong period you’re not supposed to do, well, much of anything. Don’t know much about Mercury retrograde? Click through to read more!
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So basically, we’re supposed to enter Mercury retrograde beginning tomorrow to May 22. This website does a really great job of explaining what this weird phenomenon is.
My big gripe with this whole period is that according to most astrologists, you’re not really allowed to do a whole lot. Don’t sign contracts (impossible for freelancers such as myself!), communication in all areas of life will be affected, big purchases might be thwarted with issues, etc. It’s just not a reality for most of us out there, and I kind of doubt if it’s altogether true…

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