From the time I was two and sporting homemade beaded bracelets with a “larger than life” aesthetic for some perspective, to my post-high school edgier “rebellion” where spiked collars were the norm, it’s safe to say I never imagined myself as the fine jewellery type.

In direct contrast, the last few years I’ve worn little if any accessories at all, opting to focus on simplistic shapes of my garments, shoes and handbags. Yet, I still find myself gravitating towards the finest of silver rings and collar necklines. I can manage to wear those without wanting to rip them off for 12 hours on end, actually quite enjoying their presence. Perhaps it came with maturity, or perhaps it was simply mastering how to pair them with my current method of refinement.

Enter Sir Michael Hill (yes, he really does behold knighthood). The Aussie founder and fine jeweller of Michael Hill International, has been worn by celebrities of varying aesthetics from ultra-glam Kim Kardashian’s to the ever-so timeless Scarlett Johansson. My goal with this collaboration was to pick a piece under $100 that revealed the epitome of simplicity; free from the anxiety of how many karats you’re sporting on your finger. Now would be a fine time to also insert that I’m a pearls over diamonds girl. Real, freshwater pearls are incredibly elegant. Every time I attempt the diamond, it doesn’t quite “fit”. A gigantic rock would feel disproportionate, where as small ones appear quite cheap tbh.

Michael Hill encapsulates nobility without being cliche–there’s nothing I hate more than sentimental accessories that try too hard. Give me a simply set pearl and I’m a happy girl. The rest of the outfit was kept clean to mimic the ring; the high-slit shirt being an absolute steal from ASOS and it’s about the only style of shirt I’ve been wearing lately… blame the high street. Along with other timeless trends, I’m naming the skinny scarf and sock boots possibly the only other few I’ll “buy into” this season. Alongside MH, they’re the clean cut classics.

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– Images: Sam Yohannes


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