I’m a Leo and therefore my natural instinct is to perpetually look ahead and set goals – focus points, rather – on where I want to be. I rarely ever “live in the moment” and over the years, have slowly become okay with that. I’ll never be your typical free spirit, nomadically wandering with braids in her hair and sand beneath her feet. I’ve come to appreciate the workaholic qualities passed down via my dad, embracing the fearlessness that ensues. With that in mind, I don’t like resolutions. Des anyone anymore? Or are we over that secret Pinterest board phase of our lives, full of fitness clips we’ll never re-watch? I like intentions. Intention-setting is holding yourself accountable for things and doing them on your own time, with your own will; never stemming from this new concept of ‘social guilt’ or reversely, ‘social reinforcement’. Here are some fashion-related and some non-fashion related targets I intend to bulls-eye (or come pretty close to) in 2016.


1. Refinement

Number one is to continue down a path of refinement, be that in terms of purchasing behaviour and saving money. I’m vowing to buy more strategically, ensuring each purchase is something I’m in need and/or will not succumb to the unnecessary fast-pace of consumerism. I’ve always said quality over quantity but that’s only half the battle. The second is collectively buying a few pieces a year that will transition with you throughout your life; anchors, of sort, to the foundation that is ‘you’. First on my list? A comfortable yet modern couch. Refinement can also be implemented in terms of relationships and energy towards those whom you wish to invest in. I’ve become quite good at this over the years, purging anything remotely negative but the goal is to continue to do so, now, in a way that will also stem from personal progression rather than angst.


2. Pitch Myself

Knowing yourself and learning how to pitch yourself are two very different things, especially in this blogging business. I’m well aware of my strengths and weaknesses, yet when it comes time to admitting them to others, I go mute. Part of this will be learning to know when I’ve done a good job and where I could’ve done better. Both will enable me to see where and what needs growth or what’s growing quickly and should be humbly noted. Whether it be working on a collaboration with another blogger or pitching myself as a trained fashion journalist more frequently, one of my top motives for the New Year is to finally get comfortable with myself professionally.


3. YouTube

I’ve been saying for a while now that video content creation is an avenue I’d like to venture down, adding a more personal and “live” element to the blog and it’s about time I lived up to the idea. Teaching yourself how to film and edit is no easy feat (esp. with school, regular blog posts and freelancing) but one I foresee being incredibly rewarding. Although I had posted periodically over the last two years, I’m cracking down and setting myself a more consistent goal. Bare with me; we’re still in the infant stages. I realize that weekly uploads may occasionally be a bit of a stretch, so I’m holding myself accountable to bi-weekly vids. If more happens, great but if some days I’d rather spend two hours in the bath than edit (reminiscent of last night’s antics..), I won’t beat myself up about it. All about that balance. I blame Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Milk bath for my procrastination thus far… Check out my channel: youtube.com/styleethics


4. Personal Writing

Something tells me 2016 is going to be a year of work; both personal and professional. A personal ‘bucket list’ goal of mine, if you will, is to write a novel about my family’s personal experience with ALS, mental health and grief. Of course, my professional work merges with my personal passions as I explore the fashion industry but I never want to limit myself. I’m a writer at heart and it’s taken me a long time (and a lot of convincing from friends) to believe that mine and my family’s story could have the potential to help someone else one day. That to me, would be the utmost fulfilling thing I could ever do. Obviously this is one intention years long in the making but to get a head start while some memories are fresher than others, wouldn’t hurt.


5. Vacation

I’ve done a lot of travelling in my 22 years; mostly younger, with family, or for work. I’ve never seen the appeal to European backpacking or to do escape for a month-long yoga retreat. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of each individual city: seeing how people truly thrive in a lifestyle and culture completely unique to them. To me, when you backpack and scrape by or go off-the-grid, you don’t truly see the way one would live out their life each and everyday. Despite not wanting to go incognito, I do enjoy spending time with myself the most (my largest piece of advice to you all) and would thoroughly enjoy a vacation to myself…and/or with potentially one other person. Australia and Tokyo are on the top of my list but are two trips I intend to carry out over the next 2-3 years, seeing as my 2016 is already filling up and I would not spend less than three weeks there due to time differences/loss of a few days. Realistically, visiting LA and perhaps SF are more plausible. Let me know if you’ve ever been/what you’d recommend! You never know what the end of summer could bring.

Cheers to the last EOS post of the year and stay safe babes! xx


This is an excerpt from the article Clear Intentions which originally appeared on http://ethcsofstyl.com/.