Whether you take a train, bike, car, or walk to get work, what we wear on the way is sometimes a whole lot different than what we wear when are seated at our our desks. But that’s for good reason, those stilettos don’t feel so good as I dash into the office to try to make it in on time.  My Trick? I Opt for some sneakers (like these leather ones from Marc Cain) on my 5 minute commute to work from my parking spot (on rainy days even rubber boots)  This trick saves me from ruining countless pairs of heels on the pavement vs. carpeting at the office.

But lets not forget about this look in general!  This neutral office outfit from Marc Cain is effortlessly chic and give off those Olivia Pope vibes (which I am totally into by the way).   I am completely obsessed with my new grey enveloping cashmere and wool coat and this uber feminine top has been on repeat lately! Haven’t heard of Marc Cain?  Marc Cain Collections, the company’s key label, combines sensuous silhouettes with cool, glamorous details – reflecting the spirit of the times with its own style and classiness and they are now in Canada! Two  of their stores have already opened in Quebec and 3 more to come in the next few months (*Chinook,Calgary- November 25,2015|*Square One- March 16,2016|*Toronto Eaton Center-April 1,2016)  After wearing this outfit, I instantly fell in love with this brand and their commitment to high quality coordinates and I will be hopefully heading out to attend the 2 Toronto locations asap! Who wants to go on a road trip?

Coat: c/o Marc Cain | Pencil Skirt: c/o Marc Cain | Silk Blouse: c/o Marc Cain Sneakers: c/o Marc Cain | Belt: c/o Marc Cain | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Purse: Coach

Makeup by: Stephanie Kathleen & Photos by: Lively Creative CO.

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