Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.


denim 1


Can you breathe yet? Fashion month has finally ceased. If you were attending, this means you can finally hit the gym after eating far too much flan (or continue to do so, we’re not judging). If you had the pleasure of enjoying from bed—sans feed trampling, seat-hogging, coffee-spilling—I’m sure your Instagram-induced FOMO has hit capacity and you’re reverting back to following accounts of baby animals and acai bowls exclusively. Either way, you’re in dire need of mental clarity.


denim 2


Our solution for giving zero #$@&%*! but looking like you do: denim. They’re your grab ’n go grain bowl in the form of fashion. Designers like Marques’Almeida and Ashish are redirecting our innate ability to pull on a pair of plain old levi’s, prompting us to opt for something a little more high street.


denim 5


Not interested in forking out $1,395 on the patchwork rendition Vetements redid? Topshop has already trickled down the two-tone wash to be a staple in their jean shop. That is…if you can get your hands on them fast enough. With the lenses of Le21eme’s Adam Katz Sinding and our very own, Tommy Ton, not veering to anything but, chances are you’ve missed out before finishing this sentence. The truth hurts.


denim 7


But the great thing about denim is that you don’t always need to invest from season-to-season. If spring/summer 2015 was to be described in two-legged form, it would be your trusty blue jean baby with a frayed hem. Chances are, you’ve got a high-waisted pair of high-waisted stored away anyhow. Take them out from hiding, cut the bottoms off an inch or so and run a trusty pumice stone over it for a more natural shred. Don’t worry, this is only a mini-DIY—not a game of Operation.


denim 6


The jean take-over doesn’t stop there, as the fashion world has basically resurrected the OG denim duo, Britney and Justin (please refer), extending the trend into outerwear, footwear and accessories. Manolo Blahnik nabbed a collaboration with Rihanna that debuted in this month’s issue of Vogue UK, consisting of six limited edition soles comprised of…you guessed it: denim.


denim 4


Just when you thought the days of the early 2000s were over… What’s next? Miss Sixty? Dickies? *shudders*


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