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Fur 1

Ah, would it even be fashion month if we didn’t discuss the inherently obvious surge of fur that has inundated your Instagram? Having just returned from a ‘NYFW-quickie’, it’s my duty to bring to you the new breed wooly mammoths on W 33rd—although, some more closely resembling angora livestock on Ave of the Americas. I’d feel like a fraud if I didn’t…fashion fraud.

*Much sarcasm.*

 Fur 2

The “look-at-me” coat instantly demands to be both seen and heard. “My look this season is desperate for attention,” were literal words out of one shoddy show-goer’s mouth. ???? That’s why street style galleries are so ideal: you don’t have to be the one witnessing what happens post-shot.


Fur 3


While I’m not painting the quintessential here, these people are the 10 per cent. The remaining masses are the ones that can’t feel their toes as they walk one block from the subway and thus, their fur rescuing them from illogical Uber rides in midtown rush-hour. It’s duality is similar to that of the robe coat (which we discuss here), only for warmth versus comfort.


Fur 4


Inside the tents, the fall 2016 runway’s of Rachel Zoe, Prabal Gurung and Sally LaPointe gave attendees a glimpse of fashion they could identify with after enduring extreme cold warnings and winds that cut deeper than Anna’s blank stare. Fur accented knitwear and elegant floor sweeping pelts were seen in abundance.


Fur 5


Investing now in a great piece of faux fur or a vintage real could save you some dollars down the road, as outerwear is the key to accessorizing in winter. A friend and I were joking after the show about how “packing” was essentially stuffing all the coats you own into a suitcase to fit. And while getting snapped outside is all fun and games, don’t succumb yourself to looking (and acting) the part of Mugatu and his matching poodle.


Zoolander 2 anyone??


Fur 7

Fur 6 

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