Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.


As Canadians, we’re almost rooted in the pre-conceived notion that +10 degree weather is time to go swimming. Our arms haven’t seen the light in months but we can finally put away our therapeutic light boxes for the real deal; SAD bygone. Despite March’s unusual dry spell being a total tease, it hasn’t stopped us from breaking out our barest and boldest jackets to expose our perhaps over-confident at times, character.


bomber 2

bomber 1


The bomber jacket is by far one of the largest trends of the season. Whether you’ve bitten onto the Vetements bullet or are saving your pennies and opting for Ganni’s rendition of the satin numbers at Saint Laurent and Gucci, there’s nothing quite like seeing you in one of those that will send a larger throwback to your parents than But if they’re thinking of their next marketing strategy… “That’s why the padding is so big, it’s full of secrets.”




Not interested in resembling our dear Michelin Man? Try the kimono wrap—bonus points if it’s authentic Japanese dress. A quick tip: whatever you do, don’t buy this new. The amount of cute vintage numbers stocked on even cuter vintage Etsy shops is outrageous. Alternatively, the other cloaked rendition clogging our feeds more than Trump is the “shirket” or shirt-jacket, for those who want to remain their dignity. Did I actually just interject “dignity” into a sentence about Trump? Le sigh.


statement jacket


What better way to rebel against a winter slum past than an in-your-face statement piece? Daring they may be, but we guarantee they’ll lift your spirits and that of those around you—aka the larger the task at hand, the bigger the print. And keeping it monochrome will help with the longevity of the garment. Trust.


embellished leather



Retire your tried and true leather for a few months and challenge yourself with an embellished adaptation of the wardrobe staple. Whether it’s DIY patchwork, intricate beading or artistic paint strokes—not to be mistaken by Kim Kardashians Kanye-tampered Birkin—there’s no excuse for feeling unoriginal.


printed jean jacket


That is correct, patches have been revived as exhibited in my last jacket style of the season: the classic jean with a twist. Who knew my next statements would be forging Bugs Bunny and chic into one? Big brands like Coach and Anya Hindmarch are making collectibles of their own. Or there’s always Value Village because RIP Fabricland. As per CO/VETTED two weeks prior, anything goes.