Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.

 Man-Scarf 1 

Let me start by saying that scarves are manly—no, really. I’m not sure when the scarf obtained its own gendered discourse but having worked my fair share of retail jobs throughout high school and beyond, a man’s anxiety over merino wool is all too common. “Do you have any scarves…for men?” “They’re unisex.” Only to be followed up with the prompt exit-strategy of “pretend-pondering” before ducking.


Perhaps it’s the reluctant, “my girlfriend picked this out for me.” Either that or I’m going to assume it’s too close to home after a long childhood of boy Scouts; the neckerchief dating back to the early 1900’s as Scout tradition long before it obtained any ladylike attribution.

Man-Scarf Old + New 

 Credit: Simple Insomnia – Flickr/Margaret Howell SS16

Fast forward to the current fashion calendar (which some argue is amiss, travelling light years ahead), the runways of Louis Vuitton and Hermes revived the paisley-print bandana scarf for spring/summer 2016. Burberry Prorsum and Saint Laurent opted for elongated elegance with their rendition of the “skinny scarf” for men; both trends, breaking down the boundaries of what deems an article of such thin fabric “feminine”.

Google confirms its psychic antics once again; one half-typed “Lenny Kr….” and “Lenny Kravitz Scarf” reveals itself as the number one search. Kravitz takes the crown as accidental style king after throwing on what could quite literally be a cable knit throw off his bed. You guessed it, the internet lost it (re: BuzzFeed, in case you need reminding). Perhaps you’re ready to venture into foreign territory but aren’t ready for as—er, hefty—a step. Donning a tucked scarf under a peacoat can be an effortless way to transform bed chic (no, not sheet) to dapper daywear. Take notes from Obama and Daniel Craig who master the art of being gentlemen, modelling the close friendship between cashmere and chivalry.


How To Wear


Chelsea boots and “murses”—man-purses—fall into a similar category to the scarf: the “unconsidered & underrated”. If we still can’t get past the pattern-like panic over what is essentially a square, often neutral-coloured wrap, then pre-disposed gendered consumerism wins and we’re all doomed to live in a place reminiscent of The Community (The Giver anyone??). Bleh.


Promise us you’ll try it. Scout’s honour? ✌️