Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.

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Before street style photographers hoarded outside the tents, models made the mad-dash into cars upon exiting…you know, as you do. But with a little help from our internet friends, post-show photo-ops have become as important career-wise as backstage beauty snaps.


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Before fashion month commenced, my friend and I were discussing one of Man Repeller’s latest: an essay on directing the infatuation with Gigi Hadid’s street style and begging the question, “is it really that great?” to be asked. Sometimes, it teeters on Caroline de Maigret’s Parisian-chic and others, it’s Yeezy-inspired streetwear. Evidently, it sparked initial ideation for this post and asking myself a different q: why do influencers get credit?


With a blog as your portfolio and Instagram as the new “mall casting call”, models are muses—above anything else. They’re the girl you went to high school with or the guy you met at karaoke in Koreatown—perhaps even your last Uber pool companion. PSA: I can testify that this did actually happen, with whom took less than a minute to find via Insta (see here).


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It’s less about what they’re actually wearing and more so, about the energy they possess beyond the realms of our screens (although statistically, an Acne jacket worn by Kendall Jenner has been known to sell out within minutes). They’ve grown up with their lives in the limelight—somehow, by default, their closets have too.


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Often times, it’s “effortless” while much effort has indeed ensued. Stylist Monica Rose is the mastermind behind the “airport ready” looks of the Jenner’s, Kardashian’s and even queen J. Lo (*eye roll*). As a blogger and therefore, stylist-by-default of sorts, the game of celebrity style is incredibly annoying. The obsession is virtually irrelevant considering the clothes are either a) borrowed, b) pulled by their stylist, c) a & b. More so, I’m interested in the masterminds behind the ‘grammable ensemble such as Kate Foley, Kate Young and Leith Clark, to name a few.


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The photographed fresh faces in this post, however, intrigued me. I didn’t know any one of them prior to a few cell phones popping up in front of their faces—and mine. Dressed in clothes unassumingly their own, their playfulness and ingenuity is what sparked my quick-firing. Their the next round of top model stature, shaking up the entire system by *gasp* wearing a few picks of their own. The realist donning a parka between shows or the oversized fur-topped idealist, post-parade.


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I guess the reason we’re all so enamoured goes back to that energy thing. Exhibit A.


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