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At first, we were reluctant, hanging onto our tried and true blue for years longer than the splitting seams could bear. Blame it on that kick-flare, friends. Or perhaps Rachel Comey’s wide-leg crop. Either or, the skinny jean is dead after tireless years of dominating the wardrobe staple game. So what happened?

Although it’s not a direct result of hiding that winter weight (but that’s certainly at the top of our list), skinny jeans eventually became as dull as a faded light wash. Sure Chrissy Teigen and Miranda Kerr make them look killer, elevated a few inches (and social classes) by the red bottom-sole on their feet. But for the rest of us, we need practicality; a jean that will take us from work to weekend without dropping thousands.

skinny jean

If we think about what brands are flourishing and what ones have fallen short in recent years, we could’ve seen this light years ahead. Smaller boutique-style shops like Need Supply and La Garçonne have built a one-stop shop for contemporary consumer needs, carrying labels like Apiece Apart, Citizens of Humanity and Mother Denim. On the other hand, traditional jean pioneers such as J. Crew and Gap have reported a significant loss in sales. Perhaps the true  warriors of this denim deviation are Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone who have remodelled their classic styles to fit buyer needs as of late, offering those beloved frayed seams and desired ample leg room.

For those of you in genuine shock and wondering what figure-flattering shape to opt for next (don’t worry, this is a natural stage of grief), here’s the 411 on denim’s new direction:

girlfriend jeanImage Courtesy: Chiara Obscura – Telegraph

The “Girlfriend”: Bye bye boyfriend—your favourite ripped pair needs breaking up with. But as would happen in real life, your girlfriends are always there to save your butt…in this case, literally. The girlfriend style is a little less-baggy than the known mom-jean craze and is therefore, much more flattering. Take them for a night of mojitos and you’re cured.


denim culottesImage Courtesy: Glam Radar

The Culotte: Flares are to the ‘70s as culottes are to the ‘00s. The statement piece with ease that only needs a trainer and basic tee to tie it together and you’ll still look like you got your morning coffee on-time (aka have your shit together).


501 jean

The 501: The OG jean. Stick true to size and opt for a newer pair to avoid looking like you’ve stolen them from your mom. Mom jeans went out the window with the skinny, fyi. Think Alexa’s perfectly tailored pair with a frilly blouse to off-set the vintage vibes.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.55.33 AM

The Shorty: A cropped kick-flare jean that grazes the top of the ankle. Ensure it’s only a slight flare in order to save yourself from looking like you’re auditioning as a Elvis Presley tribute performer. Wear with this seasons slides to maintain length in the leg.

And while the skinny jean will probably be resurrected long before we actually preform the act of purging them during our spring cleaning, they’re certainly holding their spot at the bottom of the pile for now.