Influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.


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The first fashion week kicked off in 1943—27 years short of a century ago. Would you believe me if I told you our fashion weeks today are only JUST starting to change from the format that was first introduced back when our grandparents were in their twenties and wore the first ever and little black dresses—without corset-boning, I might add? Upon initial reading of the stagnant stats, I was left astounded and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. The fashion I live and breathe today (as of a mere few years ago) is a wholesome reflection of whom I wish to put out into the world.


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When did I stop caring that I didn’t have the latest Abercrombie or those god awful blonde streaks for highlights just because Amanda Bynes did? Perhaps, it has something to do with coming of age but for the first time, we’re also witnessing the fashion industry adapt to our buying habits and patterns and not the other way around. Before, the industry was very much centred around the ideation of exclusivity and thus, every aspect was about fantasy and illusion for us to fall into. *Fashion marketing 101*. But with revolutionary technologies, increased access to information and well, as evidently “millennial” as we are, we as consumers are developing strong-headed beliefs on what life is and really should be about. The very concept of deeming something “exclusive” turns us off faster than Kanye’s next Twitter rant.


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So is this “anything goes”-approach to fashion really about enforcing inclusivity or are we really just revealing that we’re just plain over it? Season-less, straight-to-consumer production actually reinforces creativity and individuality, as we’re not fed the same mentality of overhauling our look twice annually.


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As we think ahead more and more about our shopping behaviour and move away from perishable purchases—aka doing necessary research before biting the bullet and looking to clothes we already own to ensure a seamless transition—our thought process becomes “Do I like this?”, or “Will this suit my look?” and not “Is this the next ‘it’ bag?” It becomes much more personable.


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What I love about the photos captured for this week’s instalment is that they’re all so contrastingly different. On one hand, we have the vibrancy of pop art-like pieces. On the other, a ‘70s revival. Every decade that pre-dates has had a defining sense of style that dominated the masses. But if the fashion cycle in which we’re operating is about forgoing such instilled characterization, what image will we look back on? I’m predicting that of a Tumblr-mosaic.


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