The Co staff writer and fashion influencer Jenn McNaughton identifies and interprets fashion trends and inspirations of the moment, with a nod to where they’re coming from and how to make them your own.


Robe Coat 1


As the internet says, Toronto was #blessed with the warmer than average winter coming into the new year. Now that it’s back to watching your bank account balance deplete on account of an influx of ginger chai’s (for once your closet isn’t to blame—talk about SAD), I’ve taken it upon myself to develop your ultimate guide to dressing for comfort and mastering the art of dual-purpose outerwear from bed to boardroom.


Robe Coat 2


Historically, the robe was symbolic of nobility, derived from the 17th century when goods started to be imported from Europe to the Americas. In the Edwardian era, it was your jacket for “walking country”, as they say—both, exclusively for men of course. Women weren’t promoted to done something of such form until 1966, when couturier Yves Saint Laurent inspired his Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women off of the smoking jacket/robe amalgamation. Today—quite ironically—it’s also the same thing we throw on when we’re in dire need of TLC, proceeding not to take it off until you’re a ratty rag doll.


Fendi Men's

Credit: Giovanni Giannoni/WWD


With men’s fashion week underway, Fendi’s ready-to-wear collection for fall 2016 served some serious inspo for terry-cloth loungewear. For women, Chloe and Rochas remain masters of the luxe longline, while high street frontrunners like Topshop and Zara remain at the helm.


Robe Coat 4


Arguably the best thing about the sartorial staple is that virtually any outer layer is deemed “robe-able”. That belt you haven’t picked up since last summer? Cinch it. Extra ribbon leftover from the holidays? Wrap it.


Robe Coat 3


Styled with a silk slip dress and tights underneath and you’ve basically got the chic bed-wear theme down. Throw on a pair of smoking slippers and call yourself Hugh Hefner—only minus the misogyny because “it’s 2016” people. A modern day Cary Grant would be idyllic.